Cannergy Sdn Bhd offers our customer the maximum in satisfaction and service in our highest value. Fulfilling lifestyles through satisfaction and service plus amenity are what we seek to provide. Supplying information that allows customers to use products correctly, safely, and to maximum amenity, responding to inquiries, and providing a full range of repairs and servicing are some of the way try to give the customer a say in our business activity. We strive harder to serve our customers better each and everyday.


Beside that, Cannergy Sdn Bhd has more than 300 sales agents around Malaysia for servicing customers. Not only that, Cannergy Sdn Bhd also has 6 main service centers located at:


> Selangor

> Negeri Sembilan

> Kedah

> Pahang

> Kelantan

> Perak

> Johor Bahru

> Pulau Pinang



Services Offered By Cannergy Sdn. Bhd.

> House to House Product Consultation
> House to House Product Service
> Product Maintenance
> Product Repairing
> 1 Year Product Warranty